Internet-shop «Colombiana» specializes in women's swimsuits and beach clothes of known Colombian companies that will satisfy the most demanding clients. A variety of styles, vibrant colors and unique products in conjunction with an affordable price allows the company to maintain its leadership in the industry, exclusive service "Away fitting" will help you choose a beach clothes that will make you irresistible.



Our goal was to create a functional online store, which would be fully display corporate identity of the client and was comfortable for the visitors. Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of search in various specified parameters and ensure the performance of the resource.



The color scheme for the design of the site was selected according to the characteristics and signature style online store. Pearl white color as the background is associated with the sea coast. Turquoise and pink colors are present in the logo of the shop and work at their brands. Products are divided into thematic blocks. Each item has a detailed description and illustration. Site is equipped with a convenient search engine and a feedback form.


On the main page, visitors can see the main characteristics of the models of swimsuits, as well as the distinctive features of manufacturing companies. On the product page of each dimension table is an international standard and a string of recommendations. The transition between the products is possible with a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Footer site contains an expanded menu, contact information, and links to the customer's accounts in social networks.