CityCommerce Bank - a universal bank with the Ukrainian investment, which was founded in 2006 and by total assets is 51 among the 176 banks in the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine. CityCommerce Bank provides all the basic banking services, including maintenance of retail and corporate clients, investment banking, interbank transactions.



Front of the studio was a challenge: make a site redesign and adapt the content. Site had to carry a maximum of clear and useful information. The same design resource was to be refreshed without losing the overall style of the company.



Sleek, but it is bright and eye-catching design. The new presentation of information by restructuring the menu and image banners. The same site allows you to make integration with internal systems of the bank. Administrators can easily import exchange rates, rates, etc.



Despite the large amount of information, the site is convenient to use. Information banner makes resource more understandable and memorable. Content has become more concise and contains a lot of useful information. One of the most important parts - an advanced admin panel site that allows you to import the necessary data quickly and easily.