Life Lines Company was founded in the 2004 and has nearly 10 years of successful experience in the Ukrainian and international markets. The main activities of the company are: education abroad, organization of weddings in the Czech Republic, dating, translation, apostil, a certificate of good conduct and other services.



We have a challenge to create a site that tells about the company, its goals, programs and competitions. It was necessary to provide a comfortable work with the interface, to distribute a large amount of information in available and convenient to read blocks.



Site combines purple, gray-blue and light orange color, which seamlessly go into each other. Pages are presented in the form of a scrolling banner with description of services. On the main page of the resource is ability to use online chat and contacting the company with Skype.



The site attracts the attention of non-intrusive design and plenty of space. Sections are decorated with branding images. The site provides complete information about company and its services, and also allows you to address the representatives of the company at any time.