NPL corporate solutions - is a service-oriented technological company operating in tourism. Its key activity is the full spectrum of travel facility in the field of business tourism, providing outsourcing service for companies, concierge services and the provision of modes for booking air tickets, hotel accommodation and automation of travel business.



We have to create a site that would acquaint visitors with the company, features of provided services. Also a web resource should be functional: ability of buying air, train tickets, booking a car or transfer, hotel reservation.



The website is designed in a bright style. In design of site are used colors of company logo. White background gives easiness to site and facilitates reading. For each page is chosen the appropriate graphic material. Home page is framed by dynamic image banners.



Site content is broken into logical sections. Textual material is richly illustrated, is presented in accessible language. Title of each section of the menu is located on the background of bright thematic images. Section "Services" is available with clickable banner. For ordering air and train tickets are made special modules. To rent a car or shuttle service you can with a special form.