Company Business Jets provides VIP class services. Business Jets specializes in private flights, charters. The company provides business-class services: booking flights, hotels, security services and translators. It also engaged in the purchase and sale of aircraft.



We have to create a stylish website that would acquaint visitors with the company, features of services provided. Resource should reflect the concept of the company and the high level of service. Also the site should be functional: the client must be able to order plane tickets and book, being on the site.



The website is designed in black and white style, to emphasize the status and high class service. Accent is done with pink. White background gives the ease to site and facilitates reading. For each page is chosen the banner. Order form charter and feedback are available on every page of the resource.



Site content is broken into logical sections. Order form is available on the home page and on every page of the resource. In the footer is the same information about the fleet of aircraft and a detailed description of each class. Each page description of the class of aircraft is clearly illustrated by picture and map of lines of routes. In each type and class of aircraft charters is built a bottom that leads to the module with selected type of charter, which simplifies ordering.