Tickets Consolidator - the first airline consolidator in Ukraine which have gathered all the best conditions from one of the largest collection agencies in the world. The company's goal is to broadcast to the market of Ukraine and CIS best conditions to extract the maximum amount of tickets from carriers. Companies not only have the ability to produce in his office tickets for more than 360 airlines, but also to receive the privileges and conditions that yielded one of the largest collection agencies in the world.



We have to create a business card site, which would acquaint visitors with the company, features of provided services. Also you will have ability to leave a request for cooperation, without leaving the site.



Website is designed in minimalist style. In design of the resource were selected colors of company’s logo. Gray background emphasizes the professionalism of the company and makes the content easy to read. Home page is framed by dynamic image banners that allocate web resource among competitors.



Site content is broken into logical sections. Button of sending the application to cooperate is available on all pages of the web resource.