Dental Hygienists Association of Ukraine has been around for years. Its main objective the development of dental hygiene in Ukraine, reducing dental disease population, improving the quality of dental services, familiarity with new techniques and drugs in the area, the introduction of dental care to the masses.


We have a goal to create a website and tell about activities of the Association, its goals, programs, contests and activities to reduce dental disease in the country. It was necessary to provide a comfortable work with the interface, to distribute a large amount of information available and convenient to read blocks.



Summarize the work - site in the colors symbolizing purity and fluorescence property of ultraviolet rays refract in blue hues of the visible spectrum. Minimum graphics and animations to speed up the loading of bulk text pages. Information blocks are divided into several smaller, beside the clip in a convenient location. Catalog has an additional menu with logically arranged web-interface. There is a built-in on-line application for membership in the association.



Graphic slider attracts the visitor, guiding him to the most important pages. The site is in two language versions: Russian and Ukrainian. Due to the lack of bright and distracting the attention of the animation page loaded almost instantly, the text information is clear, not only for specialists but also for users who are not employees of this sphere. In the footer of the site has a complete list of sponsors of the association and take contact information.