Advertising agency "Фабрикантрекламы" is not so long ago appeared on the market of such services, but has already managed to firmly build customer loyalty. Agency services are using by large firms and private enterprises, newly formed companies and those who are not first year on the market. Individual approach, high quality work guarantees a perfect result.



The site should display the corporate identity of the agency, to be striking and memorable. Content of resource is intended to cover all aspects of the agency, to give visitors an idea of ​​the benefits of the company's competitors, as well as provide basic theoretical information related to its functioning.



The result of work was a bright, positive, informative site. The basis of the palette is purple and yellow, complemented by bright splashes of orange, pink and green. Saturated colors give the site fresh and unexpected combination of them quite creative team includes agency. In addition to information about agency and its services, the visitor can see samples of the work performed.



Resource content is divided into logical blocks by means of color, which facilitates the absorption of a large volume of information. Footer site, except for the basic contact information, contains links to social networks. The textual content is not reloaded terminology. In design are used sayings related with agency activities.