Royal Key is a club that provides a concierge service class Elite worldwide. Cooperating with thousands of companies the staff of the club will be able to find a way out of the predicament of any complexity and fulfill the wishes of the customer as soon as possible. Royal Key ensures smooth operation including weekends and holidays, and individual approach to each client and high quality service.



We had to create a website that would connect the simplicity and easement of use with a luxurious, but not overwrought design. Theme of the project was to show the concept of the club, to emphasize its exclusivity. Also, we needed to do a photo shoot and to process the received images.



After the hard work had come to light a site, designed in strict ergonomic style with a touch of luxury. The main color is sustained in black and white, accent is done with golden color. In cheder is used company's logo, individual components of which, such as the crown and silver-gold color, underline the exclusivity of services. Footer in turn contains the contact information that is available to user on any page of the site. As a substrate are used appropriate topics and style photography, which present the basic information.



Since the site is designed for people who know the value of time, its work must be flawless and fast. Pages load almost instantly, the information is divided into logical blocks, easy to navigate and additional submenus. Restrained colors and unobtrusive background music are called to provide comfort to user in time of work with resource.