Therapeutic recreation center «Eliz» specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. It offers customers comfort, modern medical equipment and qualified personnel. Also in the center you can do cosmetic procedures on an individual program. «Eliz» will help to reduce the harmful effects of time and environment on the health of customers.


The task of the studio was to create an informative site that would provide visitors with information about the range of services and manipulations carried out by experts of the center. The resource was to have friendly interface and easy navigation. Also was needed to emphasize the naturalness of the used products and techniques.



Moth used in the logo symbolizing the ease in solving the problems. The website was designed in pastel earth tones. Information is presented in accessible language and is divided into logical blocks for readability. Visitors can not only find a list of professional services center, but also to expand their knowledge in the field of medicine.



Virtual resource will be useful to anyone who wants to improve their health with maximum comfort. The site provides information about latest techniques to improve the health and aesthetic medicine. Convenient search will allow users in a matter of seconds to find the necessary data and to get a full answer to any question.