ITAKA - is an entertainment complex that includes restaurants, a nightclub and concert hall on the shores of the Black Sea. It provides all day dining restaurant with European, Greek, Mediterranean cuisine and a special children's menu, a sushi bar, two large bar area, and a modern sandy beach with two swimming pools and a beach volleyball court and football.


Interactive site for one of the most popular venues in Odessa has to cope with the technical loads simultaneously handle requests a large number of users and without delay play multimedia content. Also a resource designed to provide visitors with complete information about the complex and available services in its territory.


The site is in black and purple tones, which recalls that the most interesting things happening at the club at night, in the glare of bright color music. In design of the site are used elements of Greek ornament. The information content of a resource is divided into thematic units that introduce visitors to characteristics of each component of the complex.


The site visitors can see the photo and video reports of past events, and book a table in the club, or beach service. The home page displays the most recent record in the news and posters, as well as recent media materials. Button of reservation is highlighted in bright green. Footer contains contact information.