Internet-shop «MODA bar» for 10 years pleases their customers with fashion and quality clothes at affordable prices. A wide range of products in the casual style meets the latest international trends. In the catalog is presented men's and women's clothing of all sizes from China and Turkey. Collections are updated weekly. Wholesale and retail is available.



It was necessary to create an online store website with an intuitive interface and easy navigation. Life style had to match the customer's slogan: "Stylish - not so expensive," that is to be memorable and colorful, but the functional and accessible to any user. The information content of the site was designed to acquaint visitors with variety of goods and give the opportunity to order directly from monitor.


The site is made in a saturated purple-brown palette. For the substrate used rhombic pattern with a graduated color scheme. In decor is also used golden floral ornament. Website has a vertical and a horizontal menu, search by category and model number. It is convenient to both retail and wholesale customers. View the stock and special offers are available from the home page.


Main menu thanks to incrementally separate elements ensures the integrity of the perception of the visitor. Each item has a description and illustration, which is made on a contrasting background. In shopping cart can view details of the order, prices of selected products including stocks and discounts, as well as making a purchase, and select your preferred delivery method.