Trade Light Company was founded in 1992. Over twenty years of experience in the lighting market, it has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier of quality products. The company specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of lighting equipment of leading world producers, as well as provided design and electrical work.



For the customer it was necessary to create an information website that would acquaint visitors with the company, features of the provided services, as well as provided an opportunity to assess the quality of the work performed. The site should have an intuitive interface that contain a minimum of distractions and comply with the corporate identity of the company.



The website was designed in the business style. For design of the resource is selected logo color. Bright background is light and makes the site easier readability. For each page we chose the appropriate graphic material. Sections of the main menu acquaint with data about the company, services, portfolio works and contact information.


Information content of the site is divided into logical sections. The text material is richly illustrated, is presented in accessible language. The title of each section of the menu is located on the background of bright theme image. Contact details are located at the bottom of each page of the resource. Work with site is optimized for maximum user convenience.