Trading house "Agrovita" for more than 10 years successfully engaged in the export of agricultural products in the South region of Ukraine. The company is a member of the Ukrainian Grain Association and the Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce. Solid experience and contacts enable the company actively to cooperate in the international agricultural market.



At customer's request we had to create a web-site of the trading house. The visitor should be able to learn about the history of business, the scope of its activities, as well as developments in the field. In addition, it was necessary to place on the resource contact information and feedback form.

Одесса Банк


The project was completed on a gray background, which smoothly passes into the sky with light clouds. The top half of the page takes the trading house logo, consisting of two capital letters on the background of the schematic map of the world, where we set the location of the enterprise partners. Complementing images are the main categories of exports: wheat, buckwheat, sunflower.


In that the main purpose of web-sites - to provide key information about the company and provide the opportunity for feedback, the project is designed in minimalistic conservative style. The company is active in the international arena, so the information is also available in English. For contact information you don’t have to navigate to the contact page: this information is repeated in the footer of the resource.