PLAZA GROUP is a recreational complex, which includes hotel ARCADIA PLAZA, beach club PLAZA BEACH, cottage villages in Vilkovo and Egorovka. Customers can choose the rest of the complex for every taste. ARCADIA PLAZA hotel will comfortably accommodate guests and provide facilities for business meetings and conferences. Fans to luxuriate on golden sands will meet beach club PLAZA BEACH. Cottage villages are the perfect solution for those who are tired of the city.



Our task was to create a site that would combine all areas of the company. All elements must be designed in the same style. At the same time, every component needed to create its own representation within the parent site. The main focus of the site is providing the information.

Одесса Банк


The website was designed in soft, unobtrusive colors, which are the background for the text content. Home page is done with using multimedia and allows the transition to the object of interest. Each section contains detailed information about the establishment. The information is structured and divided into logical blocks, which makes easier it search and perception.

Одесса Банк
Одесса Банк


The site information is presented in Russian and English. Visitors can learn about the features of relaxation on the selected object. Also on site you can see historical data of location and a price list. Each material is provided with colorful pictures. The abundance of graphic content doesn’t reduce the speed of the site.