Program Work & Travel USA is on the list of exchange programs Exchange Visitor Program, controlled by the U.S. State Department. In Ukraine, the program has become more accessible thanks to the company's International Career Center, which provides the opportunity for Ukrainian students to visit the U.S. and get practice English in the framework of cultural exchange.



The task of our studio was to redesign an existing site. The resource should be clear, simple to use and at the same time to provide complete information about the program. Site design should have a distinctive style.

Одесса Банк


At the heart of the site is blue background that is pleasing to the eye. The workspace resource is divided into manageable blocks. In the design of the site is widely used graphics, corresponding to the direction of the customer. With the help of resource, visitors can get detailed information about the program Work & Travel, apply for, read more.

Одесса Банк


Information on site is broken down into logical sections. The site is easy to use, designed in minimalist design. Resource information is presented in 3 languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Одесса Банк