The company «АС-СТЕП» is the largest manufacturer of accessories for footwear in Ukraine. For more than 10 years, it helps its partners to create modern and comfortable shoes. Good industrial base, skilled staff and monitoring the quality of products allowed the company to not only takes the leading position in the industry in Ukraine, but also to win the trust of foreign partners.



We had to create a corporate website, through which potential customers could find information about the history of the company, its services, catalog models, and learn industry news. Site had to be easy to use, comply with the corporate identity of the company.

Одесса Банк


Website is designed in black and brown colors with bright graphic accents. To apply text information is used contrasting combination of black background and white text. The company's products are presented in a structured catalog, each category is provided with illustrations and descriptions of the technical specifications.

Одесса Банк


New offers are identified in a separate category to facilitate the work with the catalog. In the section "Articles" visitors can read the background information associated with the business of the company. The contact data is duplicated in the footer of the site, thereby reducing the number of transitions between pages.