The company «Decostyle» is a leader in the market of sun protection systems and cornices. Many years of experience work perfectly confirmed by numerous certificates and diplomas. The product range is constantly updated in line with the trends of the market. The company has successfully collaborated with leading architects and studios in Ukraine and abroad.



The task was to create an informative website, equipped with multi-level directory. Laconic style, easy navigation and ability to search relevant products - the data requirements of the customer were to ensure user comfort while working with the site. Particular attention should be paid to the reliability of the resource being created.



The outcome of work was a site made ​​in the colors, in tune with the corporate style of the company. The interface is intuitive, pages are not overloaded with information, there is no horizontal scrolling, which greatly facilitates the user with the given resource. Catalog of products is designed with a set of unique icons and has a separate two-level side menu.


Search of the site is able to work with incomplete data. Catalog is provided with recommendations of related products. Footer duplicates contact information, that reducing the number of clicks on the site. The minimum number of animations provides a fast loading of pages. Textual content of site is not overloaded with terminology and is available for perception.