The company "Renaissance" is specialized in the construction of apartments and houses. Currently, it holds a strong position in the housing market and worthily competes with leaders. The company "Renaissance" has been cooperating with many major customers, constantly learns and applies new technologies are actively building, exploring and using the latest building materials.



In front of the studio was a challenge: to create and develop an information website to advertise and sell company's services. Site had to carry a maximum of clear and useful information. It should include information about the project development in the modern elite housing complex near Zaporozhye. For doing this it was necessary to display information about the options and how to acquire a prestigious housing, master plan, options of apartment layouts and locations of houses.



Summarize of work - site in standard colors, equipped with the service online consultant. Functional multi-level directory, informative pages processed and shaped to be easy for a potential client. As a result of actions for the client is available only useful, accessible and reliable information which it needs to make a decision about buying a property in this residential complex.


Minimum unknown and difficult to perceive in terms of text filling, simple catalog, clear images, clear designation greatly simplify the work with the site. Online assistance on every page and duplication of contact information in the footer reduces the number of clicks on the site.