Safety lamination


Our stickers are not only beautiful but also useful. They protect your favoritef rom scratches and small damage that lurk on your phone every step on the desktop, and even in the car in your pocket.

Exclusive design

On the creation of unique layouts stickers worked best designers, producing high-quality and exclusive product, which will give the image and uniqueness to your favorite device. 

Do you think that, with Apple iPhone, you already have carrier exclusivity in your pocket? Certainly not! Only labels iSkins make everyone around thinking that you have something unique in their taste preferences, when it comes to modern gadgets.

Skin Hi-End class

The skin is easily stretched and fits any irregularities;
The skin is very simple removed from the coating, leaving no traces of glue;
The skin has a strong adhesive layer;
The skin is not afraid of salt and sea water, gasoline,
Vapor of many corrosive materials, extreme changes in temperature
Skin will stand on the product for at least 10 years old

Digital print

The print quality of the skin allows us to transfer the wealth of ideas and colors, which was conceived by our designers when developing. At the same time prolongs the maintenance period - paint doesn’t fade, original color doesn’t change under the influence of the environment.
      Authentic                  wallpaper
For each label we provide the appropriate picture with the original art for desktop screen of your device.

If I want to undress, it will not be hard to do, because my label so easy to take off

I like to be beautiful
make beautiful